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Undercover Poo was founded with the mission of creating more enjoyable bathroom experiences and from those experiences, creating happier people.

The logic is simple: everything you sense accounts towards your mood. If you smell a delicious fragrance, taste a flavorful food or hear a melody you enjoy, you are likely going to be happier than before. On the other hand, if you smell a bad scent, eat a gross food or hear a cringe-worthy sound you are likely going to feel worse.

At Undercover Poo we want to create happier people by turning what is likely the smelliest part of your day, using the bathroom, into the part of your day that you look forward to for the fresh bathroom scent and alone time.

We hope that our odor eliminating tablets will help your experience be more pleasant in the bathroom and that by using a tablet yourself, you can pass it forward to the next toilet user.